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Ranjitha's Teaching Schedule

Onyx Mind Body

45 Mountain Blvd., Warren, NJ (908) 834-8064

Tuesdays, 5:30 to 6:30PM  and 6:45 to 8PM

Fridays, 10 to 11:15AM

Saturdays, 9:15 to 10:30PM and 11AM to 12PM

Please check the on-line schedule as the schedule is subject to change. I look forward to seeing you in class.


Corporate/Employee Stress Relief Programs

Yoga Sutra for Life offers customized Stress Relief and Wellness programs that employers can offer to their employees on a voluntary basis. These programs are typically held at your company’s facilities, can be scheduled during nonwork hours (e.g. lunchtime or early morning) and are conducted in group sessions.

The ability to manage stress in the workplace can improve employees’ physical and emotional health, often making the difference between success or failure on the job. Emotions are contagious, and stress has an impact on the quality of employee interactions and experiences with family members. The more capable employees are at managing their stress, the more positive they will feel and the more positively they will affect those around them. They will improve their own job performance and their job satisfaction as well as the job performance of others they work with daily (employees and customers alike).

Physically and emotionally healthy and stable employees confer benefits on all concerned:

  • Fewer sick and “mental health” days
  • Higher productivity
  • Improved employee interactions with each other and management
  • Improved interactions with customers and vendors
  • A healthier corporate culture

Yoga Sutra for Life offers a holistic approach to stress relief. There are physical and emotional components (body and mind) that work together to effect the individual. Notice how our hearts race and breathing quickens when we feel threatened or angry (and stressed). Through a series of workshops we teach employees how to identify their stress points and negative triggers. How are they physically responding? What kind of thoughts are they having? What behavior do they typically engage in trying to “feel better.”

We educate them on a number of techniques and lifestyle adjustments that will assist them in achieving a more harmonious balance.  Simple breathing exercises for example, will immediately lower pulse rate, reduce blood pressure and allow someone to relax and recalibrate their thoughts.  

We combine elements of health coaching along with our background in yoga, breathwork and meditation to improve employees ability to deal with stress. We also provide instruction on diet, nutrition, exercise and organization.    

Program Description

Program sessions are 1 hour and can be offered 1-2 times weekly. We request that you provide a quiet area such as a conference room for the workshops. Depending on your needs, we will propose a program outline. Please feel free to contact us for discussions. We look forward to hearing from you.