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Ranjitha's Teaching Schedule

Onyx Mind Body

45 Mountain Blvd., Warren, NJ (908) 834-8064

Tuesdays, 5:30 to 6:30PM  and 6:45 to 8PM

Fridays, 10 to 11:15AM

Saturdays, 9:15 to 10:30PM and 11AM to 12PM

Please check the on-line schedule as the schedule is subject to change. I look forward to seeing you in class.



A collection of feedback from Ranjitha's students over the years ...

From Pat Diaz - Balanced Bliss Studio Owner - Warren NJ,

"As the owner of Studio Fitness, I have witnessed the benefits of Ranjitha’s teachings not only personally, but in the many students who come to our studio specifically to take classes with Ranjitha. Her classes encompass the whole spectrum and practice of Yoga – with equal emphasis on meditation, relaxation, and pranayama techniques as well as the physical postures. Ranjitha’s traditional, holistic teaching style has enabled me to really connect with my inner self and feel a deeper sense of personal renewal and well-being – not just a great stretch and body-toning workout. It’s a feeling that I carry with me all day long after the class has ended. Many of her students have expressed the same sense of personal “healing” coming from Ranjitha’s classes that have truly improved their overall quality of life and personal fulfillment. Ranjitha’s strong teaching skills and depth of practice are a rare combination. Ranjitha is a great asset to anybody who is in the journey of Yoga."

From Maria S. DeCosimo - R.A. Architects,

"In my quest for personal stress relief, it was suggested to me to look into “yoga”. With two fears in mind, I continued to procrastinate with my yoga venture. Not knowing how or not being able to properly do “yoga” in a class full of people was my first fear, especially since my body type is not that of a small petite person. I didn’t want to make a spectacle of my self. The second fear was that “yoga” was going to be just another form of exercise class that would last for a few sessions and then be left behind due to my busy schedule.

I joined a ten month yoga program that allowed me to participate in different classes offered by different teachers. Starting with a beginner’s yoga class, I enjoyed it and found myself very content, until I showed up for class one day only to find a substitute instructor. I immediately started to feel uncomfortable with the thought of a different teacher. To my enlightenment, this very class became the experience that began my true yoga journey. My yoga expectations had been taken to another level. This instructor was Ranjitha Sandeep.

The experience of being in Ranjitha’s class is so personal that I don’t even know how to describe it. Her presence and teachings are not only extraordinary but deeply nourishing for both your body and soul. She accesses the space of total contentedness and the ego-free, and brings you into being in the moment where your internal energy is awakened.

As you enter Ranjitha’s yoga room you are immediately affected by the welcoming of her peaceful energy and physical grace. Your whole body and all your senses begin to vibrate at a peaceful rate. The class begins with a meditative sense of grounding or centering, moving energy and building strength through the breath. As she begins to guide you through the “warm up” asanas, she is in effect opening your energy pathways or your main chakras. Focusing on breathing, mind focus and energy, her yoga class becomes a vehicle of self expression. She leads the asana from the inside out, letting her creative energy inspire form and movement that leads you from posture to posture in a slow dance."

From Lauren Vasquez,

"I am writing to tell you about my experience as a yoga student of Ranjitha Sandeep. Last fall, I was seeking to understand yoga on a different level, on a more spiritual level than I had previously been exposed to. IN addition, I had some stress and high blood pressure issues that I needed to address.

I began a group class with Ranjitha and found within the first meeting, I immediately had a “sense” about Ranjitha. This was someone who wore her peace on her face and brought a serenity and joy to the classroom. She begins each class with meditation and breathing. With her calm voice as a backdrop, she leads the class into a peaceful, safe, stressless place. I am a very visual person and through Ranjitha’s guidance, I can breathe through the colors of the chakras, when she invites us to breathe through our palms or our pores, I can do it and understand it because she is there in the room as a solid presence, bringing safety and guidance to our meditations. All the time, calmly speaking through exercises.

I now have private sessions with Ranjitha. In these sessions, in addition to better achieving the asanas and the breathing through them, she speaks to me about health and diet. When I first walked into yoga class this year, I had a blood pressure of 175/120. Today, after little or no change to anything except the introduction of Ranjitha’s sessions, my blood pressure is now 132/80. I have little doubt that this drastic change has everything to do with my yoga sessions with Ranjitha. Many teachers from the center come and attend her classes to learn. They do learn every posture but they can not bring her energy with that. Ranjitha is a special individual who is blessed to make difference in other’s lives.

In addition, when I began yoga with Ranjitha. I was taking two anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medicine (my medial doctor’s way of dealing with work/life stress, high blood pressure and sadness from the recent death of my father). I am happy to say I am now off of all the medications and have never felt better. One comes out of sessions with Ranjitha feeling refreshed, calmed, exercised and touched.

On a more practical basis, Ranjitha is a great yoga teacher. I always feel we are doing the asanas in a safe way. Each class is slightly different which makes every session interesting. I never have pain the next day and I never feel overexerted – she watches out for her students. I believe her success is attributed to the fact that she connects with the individuals in her class. Her class is not about “the class” it’s about each and every one of us. She brings great strength and confidence in each and every one of us without leaving anyone out. She always brings best in us and let us sees through our inner strength. Her knowledge of yoga is incredible; she knows how to relate every aspect of yoga from physical form to the spiritual and emotional."

From Anupama Tyagi - Warren NJ,

"Ranjitha – My Yoga teacher,

Ranjitha is not just my yoga teacher, she is my motivation – she is my “GURU”. There is a reason why I think of her as my Guru and i.e. according to the definition of Guru, a Guru teaches how to find the way home to God. Therefore he must have gone this path to truly know it before he can teach others how to achieve God – union. Ranjitha has definitely done that, she has taught me to love myself, respect myself, respect my body, my feelings and above all she has taught me to forgive. She has passed this message to me through meditation, yoga and her anecdotes that she shares with her class.

She is my motivation because she teaches from her heart. When I enter her class I don’t see her as my yoga instructor but as someone who is purely there to heal you, help you connect with yourself both spiritually and physically. She makes me walk out of that class as a complete person with a smile on my face. I have great regards for her and feel blessed that God gave me such a great Guru."

From Charles Dvorak, PhD - Director of Technical Standards, Bell Labs,

"Ranjitha Sandeep has been one of my yoga teachers or I should say Ranjitha is my Guru for nearly five years who taught me the philosophy of yoga and help me let go my ego. Her genuine interest in teaching novices like me about the benefits of yoga has made me want to learn, and do more and more. Many times I was motivated to attend Ranjitha’s class just because she was my teacher.

Ranjitha always brings that smile regardless of how her day was. She being an Engineer worked for a company like Lucent Technologies, I can imagine how challenging the day would be, still without a trace of tiredness she always enter the class with a smile and greet us. She treats each and everyone in the class as a very special individual. While the physical aspects of yoga is an ever-present focus for a late middle-aged like me, Ranji taught me to realize the important of the mental and spiritual aspects, and how yoga is most effective when the mind, body and spirit are all in harmony.

I (and I know a lot of my fellow students) feel very fortunate to have someone like her as one of our guides in our yoga journey. Ranjitha is a teacher who takes that extra step to make a different in others lives. She is kind hearted teacher who brings always best in others."

From Dan R. Bottorff - D. Min. Associate Pastor of First United Methodist Church of Westfield, NJ,

"Ranjitha Sandeep has been my yoga instructor for about a year. She is one of 6 yoga teachers I have experienced at the Westfield Y, Westfield, NJ, in the five years I have been practicing yoga. She is my preferred teacher, and I arrange my schedule when possible to take two classes a week with her.

Her yoga practice expresses a depth of integration of breath, posture, and visualization (relaxation and balance) with the conceptualizations involving chakras and energy flow. I look forward to a much more thorough workshop when she can teach more fully than is possible in a practicing yoga class.

Her presence is one of peace and harmony. Her voice and manner, which includes a smile and ready welcome, communicate peace and love. She checks at the beginning of class as to new class members and their level of experience. She offers encouragement and caution. Her directions are short, but precise. She demonstrates throughout the class both the postures and the movement. Her grace is evident in voice, attitude, and motion. She inspires us often, saying “Very beautiful everybody!”. She is aware and makes adjustments for the variations of experience and skill levels in the class, offering suggestions to make postures more or less challenging as appropriate for us students.

I invariable leave class invigorated with a sense of inner peace. Through her encouragement I have been meditating and practicing yoga more frequently between class sessions. My flexibility and balance have improved noticeably in recent months. My posture has improved as well as my general health. I speak well about yoga in general and Ranji in particular with my family and friends. She has my highest regard. I offer her with my highest recommendation to others who seek yoga instruction."

From Ellis Lutwak,

"Having practiced yoga for a number of years, with many teachers, I can truly say that Ranjitha’s classes are special.

I initially took up yoga for its obvious physical benefits, but Ranjitha has considerably broadened and enlightened my practice.

She transcends the usual gym/health club yoga class by combining the physical and the spiritual, the asanas and the breath, visualization and energy flow; the inner and the outer being.

She takes a humanistic approach, honoring each person’s ability, and at the same time conveying true warmth and sensitivity. She is a highly skilled and knowledgeably teacher."

From Tara Geria - Basking Ridge NJ,

"I have fibromyalgia and suffer from chronic pain in my back and legs. It is very hard to get motivated to do any sort of physical exercise. I was always told that I should try to do yoga to build the flexibility and help me learn to manage the pain better, so I tried. But after one or two lessons, I would give up because I was afraid my pain may increase or that I can not do everything others in my class are doing.

All that changed, once I met Ranjitha at the yoga session she was teaching. I was impressed with her compassion, her ability to impart the love for yoga and her teachings of various yoga poses. She explains how this art of yoga helps your body’s energy centers to achieve calmness of mind and bring balance in your body, which is all necessary to handle everyday stress in a constructive way. Ranjitha combines scientific and spiritual approach to all her yoga teachings of various poses.

I have been attending Ranjitha’s yoga classes since last month, and continue to practice yoga routinely, because it has given me new outlook on life. Yoga has built considerable flexibility in my body and I feel much more energetic than I used to, couple months ago. I enjoy her classes, because she is not only a great teacher, she is very loving, caring, and compassionate friend who makes every student feel they are achieving something great. Every effort to do your best is rewarded with beautiful kind of words and no one is made to feel less than any other in their ability to try to do better. Most of all, she makes sure that you respect and do only what you can. These words have been very important to me to be able to enjoy yoga, because I know I have the choice!!!"

From Lisa Bradshaw - Livingston NJ,

"I learned not to long ago that nothing in life is a “coincidence” I used to think that when good things happen to me that I had made a wise choice, gotten lucky or that it was God’s way of acknowledging that it was my turn to have something good happen in my life. However, when bad things occurred I suspected it was the result of some force beyond my control or a life lesson God wanted me to learn.

In early 2005 I was laid off from my job of seven years and regardless how I feel about the situation I know now it was no coincidence. I believe it was part of my divine path to meet you and embrace your yoga teachings. My life will never be the same. I’m convinced that it’s “you”, not just the yoga exercises that have made the difference in my physical strength and spiritual health. I’ve experienced other instructors and although they provided great work out sessions they lacked the spiritual healing and energy that I receive from you. You are truly blessed and bless those who come into your class. Your teachings are of hope, love, forgiveness, kindness, patience, trust, and awareness.

Your spirit is powerful and one that frequently comes to me even when I’m not in class. I can no longer drive down a tree-lined street without thinking of your suggestion to breathe in the “green” energy from the trees and exchange my breath with nature. You have put “consciousness” in my mind everyday. It’s a little voice that speaks to me to live in gratitude especially when life is most challenging. As you know I’ve had Vertigo for a few months now and I use the breathing techniques and “third eye’ focus in order to bring physical and emotional balance to my body and mind. As I awkwardly attempt the yoga positions you encourage and commend all efforts. I often feel child-like in your presence as you have a soothing comforting voice and touch that assures me and others that we are our very best in that moment. You teach and remind us that we are one with the universe and that all our actions, thoughts and intentions are put forth in the world and will impact not only our lives but that of others.

On very rare occasions in my life I have felt like I’m in a state of grace and I experienced that feeling during one particular yoga session with you. It was a surrendering and the tears of blessedness flowed from my eyes. I forgave myself for my frailties, honored myself for my courage and sent forth my love to all those I cherish in my life.

May God bless you always and keep you in His tender loving care. My wish for you is that your wishes and intentions come to fruition. Thank you so very much for the gift you’ve given me."

From Barbara - Westfield NJ,

"I heard about Ranjitha Sandeep from many people saying that she is one of the best yoga teachers in Westfield, NJ. As a retired health care professional, I am well aware that it is our responsibility to take an active part in our own wellbeing. The yoga classes that Ranjitha teaches breathing exercises and meditation with asana including love and compassion. She speaks from her heart. This young woman with beautiful smile always brings best in us. She helps us get in touch with ourselves by saying “great your inner child” and constantly assuring that we are doing good and encouraging every one in the class to go little further challenging in our postures.

Ranjitha’s class is filled with all age groups from 18 to 87 both men and women and she knows how to accommodate every one’s needs in such a big class of 30 something students. She constantly makes sure to be safe in our postures without missing anything. She’s always demonstrating postures and observing students and talking through and acknowledging and assuring students with positive approach. She is one of a kind teacher who can teach any age group with some love and kindness. Her class is very unique. She is a real yogini who is blessed with talent and kindness. She is a Jewel of a teacher."

From  Jamie Leiser,

"How Yoga Has Changed My Life,

I began taking yoga classes with Ranjitha in November of 2002 upon the recommendation of a friend. At first I was surprised by how challenging some of the postures were, but I loved the feeling of peace and relaxation I felt after the class. I continued going each week, and soon I began to notice remarkable differences in myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. When I missed my weekly class, I would feel more tired and have less energy. Ranjitha’s Yoga class has become something I need in my life.

As Ranjitha says, “Visualize yourself in the posture”. I was amazed that being able to focus and really visualize myself in a pose could help me to achieve it. My body began doing things I never thought I would be able to do. I have what was diagnosed as “Sacroillyiac Dysfunction”, and have suffered from back, hip and leg stiffness and pain from a young age. I’ve gone through physical therapy and was given specific exercises which helped somewhat, but it was not until I began practicing yoga that my pain and stiffness disappeared. I find myself using what I’ve learned from Ranjitha and from yoga in my daily life. When I am stressed and need mental strength, I go into the bathroom at work and squat myself into “Goddess Pose”. IF I feel as if my head is getting congested, I do 4 or 5 sun salutations and find myself breathing free and easy. The ability to clear my mind and focus on the ‘here and now’ in each yoga posture enables me to have a clearer mind in my every day life. I particularly enjoyed when Ranjitha would teach us meditation or relaxation techniques and breathing or when she would explain what body function or part of the body or mind to which each posture, balance or breathing technique pertained. Ranjitha has changed our lives teaching yoga.

We continued going to yoga throughout our difficult times, and I don’t know if I could have gotten through everything in the manner in which I did without the use of yoga and meditation. It has become an extremely important part of my life. Ranjitha’s Yoga has changed the way I think, the way I view and deal with myself – my emotions and physical pains, with others, and with the world around me. I find that I am more accepting of what life deals me, and I have an unbelievable faith that things are meant to happen the way they do, that everything truly does happen and happen when it does for a reason. I feel that yoga and Ranjitha were a gift that was brought to my husband and I, and especially in the world in which we live, it is one of the most previous gifts we could ever receive.

I have raved about Ranjitha’s Yoga to everyone I know. I have recruited my husband, my friend from work, my mother, my cousin, and my sister-in-law, and although not all of them have stuck with it, they still call my husband or myself occasionally to ask if we know a yoga pose or breathing technique to help them deal with achiness or stress. I hope to be able to share with even more people the unbelievable benefits that yoga will have on them emotionally and physically now and in the long run. Ranjitha gave us the gift of yoga."

From Eleanor Vozski - Short Hills NJ,

"Re: Ranjitha Sandeep, My Guru,

My name is Eleanor Vozski, I was introduced to Ranjitha’s Yoga four years ago by a friend who raved about Ranjitha saying that I have to take this yoga class taught by a healer from India. I was anticipating an aged Guru teaching this yoga class and waiting for her to show up. Here walks in a beautiful charming young woman with a smile and nods her head with sparkling eyes wishing good morning to all of us. As she came into the room we all felt that beautiful energy in the class.

Ranjitha beings our class with what I find it to be the most essential for my learning, proper breathing and meditation. When I meditate I find my mind is more open and clear. Ranjitha teaches us various breathing techniques and these are assisting me in releasing physical stress and anxiety from day to day life. Ranjitha is not like any other teacher that I have experienced at the Spa. Her knowledge is reflected in how she gives each and every instruction. She is clear, she is patient, she is very considerate and all this structural education is given with the most individualized and heartfelt care through the eyes of a most excellent young woman with limitless compassion and lightness.

Ranjitha has given me so much that I being 78 years old attend her class first thing in the morning at 8:30 a.m. regardless of the weather condition. When she is away I and my fellow students miss her a lot and wait for her to come back with more information for us. She knows exactly what is needed to say in that class as if she reads our mind. That shows her connectedness with the Universe which make her flow the energy needed for the students. After her class I feel both physically, emotionally, and spiritually up lifted and energized. Who ever come across Ranjitha feel the healing energy. She is a true Yogini with a blessed heart."

From Jennifer Bruno - Warren NJ,

"Re: Ranjitha Sandeep, Yogini

I was first introduced to Ranjitha in 2002. At this time I was a studio owner and hired Ranjitha to teach at my studio. At our first meeting she put me at ease and I knew I had hired a wonderful teacher. She instantly became the favorite teacher. Students, as well as teachers, took her classes. She was an inspiration to all and inspired me to take yoga teacher training with her in 2004.

I began to attend Ranjitha’s classes as part of my teacher training and would also meet with her monthly for our extensive teacher training program. Little did I know how this would impact my life. She could look into my eyes and touch my heart and soul. She was able to take me into meditative states that left me energized and healed. She showed me how to use yoga for my own needs. “Listen to your body” she would say. I enjoyed the rhythmic chanting and clapping she would bring into the classes. Her manner, grace and poise bring not only beauty to the yoga but depth of peace, love and compassion. She is the true guru who takes care of her students in the class as well as look after them in all aspects of life.

Ranjitha is yoga. She lives it everyday. Knowing her and having her for a teacher is a blessing. I use the yoga she gave me each day and still feel her presence with me. I am able to explore my inner feelings and practice my asanas comfortably with myself. Her beautiful voice and tone touches us in and out of our body, mind and spirit. In this young age she has achieved so much that she shares and helps us achieve the goal of yoga to get in touch with our inner self. She is a gift from the universe. Each and every one who touched by Ranjitha gets healed physically, emotionally and spiritually. She is true Yogini who does selfless service to the humanity.


From Catherine Schreiber - RPh, MA - Executive Director,

"I have studies Yoga with Ranjitha for 3 years. During this time, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). My Yoga practice with Ranjitha helped me to manage this condition leading to strengthening of my mind, body and spirit.

Ranjitha encourages her students to honor their bodies and listen to inner voice. This has helped me to listen to what my body is telling me about my health. Through her teachings I manage my MS by paying attention to my symptoms, taking a ‘time out’ when fatigue worsens, and using meditation and breathing techniques Ranjitha has taught me, which are especially helpful during times of stress.

While MS has lead to weakened muscles and imbalance, practicing Yoga with Ranjitha helps me to maintain strength in my arms and legs. To manage my frequent dizziness and maintain stability when walking, I utilize the same mental focus used by Ranjitha to master balancing postures.

Yoga has prepared me to look upon my MS as a gift. Ranjitha has taught me that everything happens for a reason, and there is a reason why I have been given MS at this time of my life. I don’t know where my journey of discovery will lead me. But, the hope Ranjitha gives me in her class is an important and ongoing part of this journey. She brings the right message to her students at the right time. I am grateful for being her student."

From Arzu Yelmaz - Short Hills NJ,

"I have been taking Ranjitha’s yoga classes at the Short Hills Hilton spa, NJ, for five years. I have nothing but high appreciation and praises for this wonderful teacher. Ranjitha is truly a masterful teacher who is very kind and compassionate. She has a fantastic ability to convey the practice of Yoga. The way she brings us students to our best in a beautiful manner with her kind words and encouragement. It has been pure pleasure and privilege to be part of her classes. Ranjitha’s mastery in the path of yoga is very commendable. She is very knowledgeable in anatomy and physiological benefits of yoga. Her teaching is towards Love, Peace, Kindness and Faith. Even after the class and throughout the day I am in the presence of her energy. It has been pure pleasure and privilege to be part of her classes.

Since I started taking yoga with her, there has been a remarkable improvement in terms of flexibility, concentration and the ability to relax. Her sessions are highlights of my week and I look forward to each one of them eagerly. I have already recommended her classes to many friends and family members. I would recommend her highly to anyone interested in taking up yoga with a greatly capable, unique and inspiring teacher."

From Katarzyna Stanczewska - Medical Writer,

"I look forward to Tuesdays and Fridays. These are great days because of Ranjitha, or Ranji, as her students call her. No matter how stressful and chaotic life is outside of the yoga studio, Ranji’s Yoga classes allow me to center and to quiet my mind. Ranji creates safe haven; an accepting, peaceful, nonjudgmental atmosphere, which allows me to push myself, further and work harder than I thought possible. It is a mark of a gifted and talented teacher to open new possibilities for her students. Ranji guides us through each pose, shows alternatives for those of us not so limber, but at the same time encourages us gently to push past what we thought were our limits. She leads class with quiet humor and makes everyone feel welcome, regardless of proficiency level. Each student feels important and worthy of attention, because she believes in us. That belief motivates us to reach further, to stay in the pose longer, to breathe more evenly, and to have confidence in our abilities. Yet, Ranji’s Yoga classes are much more than just a way to improve our fitness. Through her serene countenance, she teaches us by example about the underlying philosophy of yoga as a way of life. I am very grateful for having such a great teacher whose teaching is towards peace, love and faith. I leave her class reinvigorated, relaxed, and focused."

From Julie Dvorak - RN, MSM - Enterostomal Nurse Therapist,

"I have known Ranjitha Sandeep for almost 4 years. When I first met, I watched her practice, observing her grace and inner peace. Ranji has taught me a great deal, no only about yoga but about living a peaceful life. Ranji has knowledge of the spirit of yoga in addition to deep understanding of human anatomy and physiology. She adapts her teaching to many levels of students, often within the same class. Her classes are fun and very informative. Ranji is able to demonstrate poses beautifully. She is supportive and non judgmental. Ranji is not only a great teacher but very loving and caring person. It has been my ongoing pleasure to have her as my Yoga teacher."